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Our Services


Personalized Physical Therapy At Your Doorstep

  • What Conditions Do You Treat?
    We treat any part of the body immediately after surgery as ordered by a physician, a new injury, chronic pain or even just a "nagging" pain that you live with but causes discomfort doing daily activities or limits what you love to do. Many people get an ache or pain and wait to see if it goes away but commonly develops into a problem.
  • Do You Perform Dry Needling?
    Yes! We are all Certified Manual Trigger Point Therapists for Dry Needling (CMTPT/DN) which required 9 twelve hour classes, passing a practical exam and a 2 hour written exam. We believe it is an extremely effective treatment tool to help people manage pain and dysfunction.
  • Do You Need a Doctor's Referral?
    No! Maryland is a Direct Access state meaning you can go directly to a physical therapist without a prescription or referral. If any time during the evaluation and treatment, we feel you need to see a doctor, we will refer appropriately.
  • Do You Take Insurance?
    We have chosen to make KPT a concierge service. This means we can provide custom care as long as a patient needs it. Unfortunately insurance coverage limits care by dictating who you see, how many body parts can be treated as well as the length of care and how many times per year you can receive physical therapy. We do not file for private insurance, but we can provide a Superbill invoice that can be submitted for your out of network benefits. We also take your FSA (flexible spending account) and HSA (health savings account) as payment. We also take check, credit card, cash and Venmo.
  • What COVID Safety Measures Will You Use?
    Just by avoiding a busy clinic where hundreds of patients are treated each day will decrease your chance of contracting COVID. The table and all equipment will be sanitized with hospital grade disinfectant in between patients and we will wear an N-95 mask and ask that you use a cloth mask.
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